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Journaling is a Healthy Habit

Developing a habit can take 21-30 days. So why is it so hard to develop a habit but we have some habits we do not even know how we formed such as nail biting or teeth grinding? Strange huh?

One habit that I have developed over the years is the habit of journaling. Journaling is a pastime of mine that I truly enjoy and have formed a habit of doing. I have a huge stack of journals from my past that hold memories that otherwise I may have forgotten. Sure, I do not spend a lot of time going through the journals but I do from time to time look back especially on the previous year’s journal to see where I have come from, goals I have accomplished, prayers that have been answered. Journaling is a process that I enjoy.

Journaling is something that you can do no matter what your mood. I find myself not only journaling when I am happy, but also when I am upset about something. I can literally fill pages and pages when my stress levels rise. Oh what a release it can be!

Looking back over the years though, I realize that I have used my journal more when I needed that release. Stressful times in my life I filled journals much faster. To date, my most stressful time was when I was in the midst of a bad situation at my job. I literally filled a journal fool in 3 months, but what wonderful self-therapy it was.

I realize reading the entries later that if it were not for that time I took to sit down and release my thoughts I probably would have kept them all bottled up inside. Something many people do, but it is definitely not a healthy way to deal with your thoughts and feelings.

I never realized when I began journaling in my teen years how therapeutic it would be for me in my adult years. I am thankful I began the habit early on in life, because it has served me much good so far. As I grow older, I know I will only appreciate the process more and I plan to pass the tradition down to my children.

There are some habits that are hard to develop, others that are hard to break, but this one is definitely one I’m glad I took the time to begin.

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