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Coping With Christmas and the Fear Season

When you hear the strains of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” or “Jingle Bells”, it can sound like one of two things: a celebration about the imminent joy of Christmas, or a warning siren that the fear season is rapidly approaching and once again you are not ready to cope with it. Here’s how to cope if Christmas is your fear season.

What is the Fear Season? Every year, all I hear is how hard Christmas will be with the current economic problems, a possible rise again in interest rates and general insecurity within the employment market. As a psychic and intuitive profiler I am often asked how the economy is going to change and how this should affect the decisions people make in terms of property, career moves, investments, life, children and more. People overwhelmingly focus on what’s not possible and what they won’t cope with. But rather than be overwhelmed by what’s not possible this Christmas, let’s look at this fear from a psyche point of view and how we can work to overcome it.

Fear from Facing People’s Expectations

Businessman Robert Holmes a Court had a wonderful expression: “In tough times the money goes to where it rightfully belongs”. As time marches on I see this occurring again and again. All those who profiteered during the boom years and all those who thought they’d simply get wealthy by investing money but making no personal investment or accountability have fallen like autumn leaves in a breeze. And while this effect is visible and causes many to panic, instead of being fearful, this is a time for you to become more secure and seek opportunities. As a part of the many things I do, I mix with all kinds of people, from all walks of life; from the CEO of a multinational company to the CEO of the family bakery, the parent with a problem child to the child who is now 35 and still unsure of life.

What do they all have in common? No matter how wealthy you are, pretend to be or are not – fear comes in any and every form when you feel you simply cannot afford to live up to people’s expectations. There is always going to be a global problem occurring that will, on some level, impact on our way of life. Our goal is to not let this pull us into fear and distress.

Choosing How You DO Christmas this Year Without Fear

The reality is that you only ever achieve what you put incredibly honest and harnessed energy into.

  • If you have saved hard for that house, you will achieve it.
  • If you have worked diligently and honestly for your career, you will achieve it.
  • If you have been honest and open about who you are and what you want, you will achieve much.

So with Robert’s expression in mind, think about how you choose to do Christmas this year. Do what you know is within your means and comfort zone in these three ways.

  1. Rather than fear what you cannot afford to buy or do for someone, think perhaps about how you can offer a present that you have made or donated on behalf of someone;
  2. Think in terms of your immediate environment and not the global one, as what is happening around the world cannot define who you are or what you will achieve unless you bow to its propaganda and pressure;
  3. And mostly, remember that Christmas has a spiritual meaning – not a religious one – but a deep-soul one about respecting mankind and delivering on this respect.

It is not about materialism and what you buy – spending time and celebrating with people is a gift that is worth far more than the latest product.

Remember that Christmas does not have to be a time of fear unless you choose it to be. Stay positive, give what is within your means and focus on spending time with those you love and you may just turn your fear season into your fun season.

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