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Stimuli Leading to Success Achievement

I was having a dinner with my friends and family recently. After dinner, while I walking on my way to get my car, I saw an old man sitting by the road – who looks poor. Actually, he is poor.

As much as I felt sympathy for him (different than looking down on someone), I couldn’t help thinking – what happened to him when he’s growing up? How did he end up like this?

Maybe he lost his job or his house got burned down or something. Well, that’s possible but I doubt those were the reasons.

You see, in our life, there are ‘stimuli’ that effect how you think and feel. And the thing with these stimuli is, you probably don’t pay any attention to them if they don’t appear ‘big’ enough – that’s where the root starts.

Look at people who are overweight. Do you think they become overweight overnight? No. It started with the first candy bar. They tasted it and it stimulated the pleasure of eating. The next day, the mind says, “Ah, one more bar is not going to hurt me.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Same thing with a guy who is suppose to wake up early for his exercise but ‘miss’ because he tells himself, “It’s fine to skip the exercise today, I’ll just do double tomorrow.” Come tomorrow, maybe he does go out and exercise but did he do double the amount? Most probably not.

I’m not trying to scare you – however bear in mind that if you are not vigilant, negative stimuli will move in and very soon, it’s your HABIT. That’s how procrastination starts. After that, people in the office stop liking you and you can’t seem to finish your work on time. Next, you lose your job. Then you sit down and think, “How I end up losing my job?” Hmm. Interesting.

Stimuli are normally ‘cultivated’ from the Environment you’re in and the People you stick with. A good piece of advice is to avoid interacting with negative people.

Talking about association and soaking up the mind of a successful person, a Mumbai-born fund manager and a partner paid $650,100 to have lunch with the richest man in the world, Warren Buffett (not sure if he is still is as of today).

If that shocks you, Zhao Danyang pays $2.11 million for lunch with him.

Well, it’s like this – some people see the value, some don’t. In their shoes, I’m very sure they do. Maybe just one piece of advice from Mr. Buffet would made them millions in return.

How far have you gone to get rid of the negative stimuli and encouraging more positive ones?

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