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What Makes People Human?

Sometimes we lose temper, get aggressive and say angry swear words. Or, we become workaholic and stay devoted to work for a greater part of our time, neglecting our families. None of these scenarios makes someone human. So what does it take to be human? Read on to find out.

The number one factor that people likes about someone is when he greets them with a smile in person or on phone. This makes them comfortable in their shoes and conversations follow naturally and vividly.

They also love him when they find him crack jokes, have fun and play with them. This is what makes them come closer.

Another way to be naturally human is to pray sincerely and ask the Universe what it is that he badly wants. Sometimes even a thank you prayer is okay.

People should not guess someone is hiding his problems. They like it better and finds him human if he shares his problems and troubles. They may not be direct problem solvers but sharing is caring.

We all make mistakes in our life. If you err in your opinions or any matter involving something or someone, be the first to say sorry and make up.

How about someone else making a mistake in your life? Be the first in this case to forgive them and let go of the issue.

A person is naturally considered human if he is kind to everyone, especially the elderly. The elderly and old people are often mistreated in life and if they get some amount of kindness from someone, it will melt their hearts and they will remember him for a lifetime.

When someone is bogged down with worries, anxieties or a loss, be the first to show empathy towards the person. It is only human to do so.

There are a lot of people in this world – those not so fortunate yet needy who could use some of your help. It only brings out your human side to make a donation, provide shelter or give them warm clothes and food.

Too many a time we are busy talking about ourselves without listening to others. We want our stories to be heard. Change this habit of yours and start lending a listening ear to people’s stories, especially those who want to be heard and are always neglected. It will give them worldly happiness and contentment.

Lastly I would like to mention that to be a good and appreciative human, you need to be in control and disciplined. And the only way you can do that is by staying sober and humble. It’s not easy but when you attempt so and become so, it will be worth it.

Summing up these are some of the ways you can show your human side to the world, and while people will applaud, the Universe will shower you with enough blessings.

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